Services That We Offer

Services That We Offer


High Speed Internet

High Speed Internet

Do you want the fastest internet speeds with unlimited data plans at an affordable price? Then Patriot Broadband has the right service and package for you. According to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), more than 19 million Americans do not have access to the most basic Internet speeds. There are over 100 million Americans who’s internet does not meet the minimum standard for broadband.

We provide a fast, secure and affordable service for your home, place of business and school. Click here to get started today

Our Services

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Patriot Broadband connects you directly to the backbone of the internet, using high speed fiber optics or high frequency radio waves sent straight to your home.


Whether you own a small office or a thriving corporation, our service can handle your needs. Call us to design a custom package for your business.


Children in rural communities deserve the same opportunities as those in the cities. Bring your students the service they deserve. Connect your computers with fast, unlimited, and affordable connection.

Fiber Optics Straight Connection

Depending on your location and availability, we also offer a straight fiber optics connection for even faster speeds

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